cannot participate.


Are there any synonyms for the word participate? Synonyms for participate include partake, engage, join, share, abet, collaborate, enter, facilitate, help out and support. Comes from the.

Best adjective synonyms for 'not participate' are 'affected', 'concerned' and 'engaged'.

Synonyms for PARTICIPATING: attending, accompanying, present, observing, available, in, existing, breathing; Antonyms of PARTICIPATING: absent, out, gone, retired.

no object. passive resistance. adjective.


do not get involved. on/at the periphery phrase. .

Antonyms for participation. .


Antonyms for participates.

. not take part.

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to choose to take part in.

. . been unable to take part.

. do not interfere. Synonyms for PARTICIPATES: shares, knows, partakes, receives, experiences, undergoes, feels, sees, accepts, meets. may not participate. runaround.

Show patience, kindness and creativity if you participate in group brainstorming or problem-solving activities.

Antonyms for participate. definitions.


do not interfere.

no object.

been unable to take.